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Cardiac CT offers an anatomic evaluation to identify the presence of CAD. The modality has been identified as a class IIa recommendation for patients presenting with chest pain to rule-out acute coronary syndrome in patients with normal ECG, normal troponin and no previous history of CAD. CT is a great addition to a chest pain pathway protocol for quick rule-out in an emergency room setting to potentially help decrease length of stay and improve the definitive rule-out diagnosis. Patients appreciate the short turn-around and the modality has been found to be cost-effective compared to traditional chest pain evaluations.6

Reduce unnecessary diagnostic catheterization

Per the SCOT-HEART trial, Cardiac CT-led treatment decision changes reduced the risk of CV death and MI in patients with stable chest pain. CTA can correctly identify patients with obstructive CAD7. For CAD detection, CTA has a 95% sensitivity and 99% predictive value8.


Increase access to cardiac CT with dedicated scanner

ONLY GE Healthcare has the 1st ever dedicated cardiac CT scanner with all required advanced capabilities, including anatomical & functional imaging, accessible for 1st line CAD decision making. CardioGrapheTM is >2x faster to pay for itself than wide detector general purpose scanners9 and requires 40% smaller room size.10