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Coronary angiography is an invasive diagnostic study used to detect and quantify the presence and extent of CAD. For those patients found to be high risk for CAD or diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome, coronary angiography offers a definitive diagnosis for the presence of CAD and need for intervention.

Optimal image quality, lower dose

GE Healthcare offers both our proven new AlliaTM and InnovaTMplatforms with AutoRightTM, our AI-based imaging chain, which dynamically optimizes image quality and dose parameters in real-time. AutoRight is an integral part of your clinical team designed to deliver repeatable and fast choices. By fully automating image optimization throughout the entire procedure, clinicians and technologists are relieved of tedious and complex tasks so they can focus on patients in the moments that matter

Streamlined workflow and collaborative documenting

Mac-LabTM hemodynamic recording system adds flexibility within existing workflows, seamless interoperability, and increased security, with optimal outcomes. Mac-Lab AltiX provides enhancement and refines key clinical functionality important during Cardiology procedures focused on CAD. Mac-Lab provides a place for recording patient vitals and documentation at the point of care reducing potential errors and saving you time. Once documented, it provides an export to the EMR so all patient data can be stored in the same location.