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Myocardial perfusion imaging modalities such as singel-photon emission photon computerized tomography (SPECT) offer a great option to evaluate patients for the presence of CAD that is flow-limiting and causing ischemia. SPECT imaging is indicated for patients with high probability of CAD to include use for preoperative evaluations, intermediate to high-risk chest pain workups and patients with known CAD and concerns for ischemic symptoms.16

Expand your nuclear cardiology capabilities

MyoSPECT the new generation of GE Healthcare nuclear cardiac scanners, brings enhanced scanning capabilities and simple workflow to a larger segment of your patient population.

Inform your decisions with measurable results

Recent advancements in SPECT technology have made it possible to enhance the clinical value of nuclear cardiology. The Xeleris V cardiology package provides increased capabilities with advanced 3D motion correction and reconstruction tools for CZT-based cardiac SPECT