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Echocardiography is an important modality for assessing cardiac function for patients that present with atypical chest pain or symptoms of heart failure. Resting echo imaging can provide valuable therapeutic guidance and prognostic information which may impact the value of revascularization or contribute to the assessment of pre-test probability of obstructive CAD. Comorbidities such as LV dilatation, aortic stenosis, mitral regurgitation or LV aneurisms and thrombi can be visualized to help predict the risk of cardiac events and death.

Uncompromised image quality:

GE VividTM series offers high quality echocardiographic imaging and includes assessment of strain and early wall motion changes.

Intelligently Efficient workflows

On-cart artificial intelligence can recognize standard cardiac views with 98% detectability 2 and provide fast analysis of strain patterns. Detection of early systolic lengthening, decreased systolic shortening, or post-systolic shortening by strain imaging techniques might be helpful in patients with apparently normal LV function but with clinical suspicion of chronic coronary syndrome 3.