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For patients who experience myocardial infarction, an assessment of left ventricle function (LV) is recommended because depressed LV function will influence pharmacological therapies and may increase risk of sudden cardiac death requiring additional intervention. To best manage patients post-infarct, echocardiography rather than ventriculography is often preferred assessment of LV function.22

Measure Peak Strain Dispersion and LV size with A.I.

Vivid scanners offer AFI2.0 with fully automatic recognition of the apical imaging views and measurements of GLS and Peak Strain Dispersion (also known as mechanical dispersion). Mechanical Dispersion has shown to have value to predict risk of arrhythmias in post-MI patients23 .


Clinical Excellence for the Echo Lab

With the power of AI, the manual caliper measurements can be completed with 3 clicks: Freeze – Measure –Auto24. A full set of reproducible measurements for assessment of LV enlargement.25