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High quality coronary angiography is key for maximizing percutaneous intervention (PCI) outcomes. PCI outcomes rely on successful balloon and stent deployment. Assuring appropriate stent placement and full deployment requires high quality imaging.

Optimal image quality, lower dose

GE Healthcare offers both our proven InnovaTM and new AlliaTM platforms with AutoRightTM, our AI-based imaging chain, which dynamically optimizes image quality and dose parameters in real- time. AutoRight is an integral part of your clinical team designed to deliver repeatable and fast choices. By fully automating image optimization throughout the entire procedure, clinicians and technologists are relieved of tedious and complex tasks so they can focus on patients in the moments that matter.

Simplify complex coronary interventions

PCI Assist supports each step in the procedure from lesion measurement and stent selection to guidance to assessment of stent deployment. Stent deployment and anatomical visibility are improved by up to 85% in moving arteries at the same dose, and up to 75% in larger patients 18,19 . For complex PCI procedures, such as bifurcations, PCI ASSIST helps to increase accuracy of stent placement for optimal overlap.