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CentricityTM Cardio EnterpriseSave to Digital Badge

A Cardiovascular IT Solution featuring Intelligent Reporting1

Spend less time at the computer and more time on what matters… your patients. Featuring Intelligent reporting, a rules-based AI engine that prepopulates adult echo reports based on measurement values providing an 83% complete report before the physician opens the exam2

The integrated Cardiovascular PACS (CVPACS) and Information System (CVIS) bridges the gaps between care areas and healthcare information systems to provide a single point of access for patient data, waveforms, images, analysis tools and physician reports – combined with powerful end-to-end management, analytics and workflow tools across the cardiovascular care pathway.

Demo video

Cardiovascular disease is complex…Cardiovascular IT doesn’t have to be.

1 Available within the Adult Echo Module only.
2 Centricity Cardio Workflow v7 Intelligent Reporting out-of-the-box configuration compared to 2017 IAC guidelines excluding doppler.