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InnovaTM IGS 5
with AutoRight™Save to Digital Badge

Intelligence inside.

Take advantage of the unique offset C-arm design and robotic positioning with InnovaSense™1 to get maximum positioning flexibility and excellent patient access.

With AutoRight™2, the machine is intelligent and uses AI to ASSIST you to optimize the technical parameters so you can focus all your attention and expertise on your patients.

Innova IGS 5 provides an open architecture mode allowing you to connect other devices for a smooth workflow in the cathlab (e. g. Mac-Lab, IVUS, OCT,…)

With PCI ASSIST3 and Valve ASSIST 24 you can also benefit from easy to use advanced imaging tools to augment clinical outcomes.


1 Available as option on IGS 520 and 530 configurations
2 AutoRight refers to intelligent image chain features of GEHC’s Interventional x-ray systems, from image acquisition to image processing and display, available on Innova IGS 5, Innova IGS 6, Discovery IGS 7 and Discovery IGS 7 OR
3 PCI ASSIST solution includes StentViz and StentVesselViz, features of Interventional X-ray systems Innova IGS 5, Innova IGS 6, Discovery IGS 7 and Discovery IGS 7 OR.
4 Valve ASSIST 2 solution includes TAVI Analysis, HeartVision 2 and requires AW workstation with Volume Viewer, Volume Viewer Innova. These applications are sold separately.