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Structural Heart

In patients with known valve disease, Cardiac MR can provide assessment of several key findings for valve disease diagnosis.12 Cardiac MR can assist to determine the mechanism of valve disease, quantify the severity of disease, and discern the consequences of the lesions including the effects on LV volume, LV systolic function and left atrial volumes. Cardiac MR eliminates issues of image quality from inadequate imaging windows or body habitus and provides minimal interstudy variability to aid in serial exams.13

Delivering uncompromised performance and image quality in a 70 cm wide bore patient-friendly exams

SIGNA™ Premier (3.0T) and SIGNA™ Artist (1.5T)

Innovative technology that elevates the patient experience
  • AIR™ delivers clinical versatility and comfort
  • 70cm wide bore & feet-first examinations​ to reduce claustrophobia

Clinical confidence
  • AIR™ Recon DL improves SNR and image sharpness, enabling shorter scan times
  • Full suite of quantitative applications

Artificial intelligence creates better, faster cardiac MRI scans

Patients can undergo much faster imaging procedures which improves the quality and have a lower likelihood of having artifacts due to patient motion. Hospitals can cater to more patients with shorter wait times, and radiologists can still render accurate diagnoses for their patients.14


Comprehensive cardiac solutions for complicated exams

4D Flow provides precise quantification of regurgitation due valvular disease. It reveals eccentric mitral regurgitation in the left atrium at systolic phase. 4D flow provides coherent flow estimates in complex situations such as mitral regurgitation, double aorta & congenital heart in one scan completely free-breathing improving the patient experience.15