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Structural Heart

Transthoracic echo (TTE) is a common first line imaging study for patients with symptoms that are concerning for heart disease including shortness of breath, palpitations, syncope, or pre-syncope. TTE allows for assessment of chamber size and function, valve morphology and function, pericardial abnormalities1. Specific to valve imaging, TTE allows accurate assessment of valve anatomy and pathology, concurrent valve disease and associated abnormalities. Doppler echocardiography provides accurate noninvasive determination of valve hemodynamics. Serial echocardiography is indicated for surveillance with intervals dependent on valve type and severity2.

Uncompromised image quality

GE’s VividTM series offers high quality echocardiographic imaging and includes assessment of strain and early wall motion changes

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Intelligently Efficient workflows

On-cart artificial intelligence can recognize standard cardiac views and doppler spectra with 98% detectability3 and provide fast analysis of strain patterns. Visualization of stenosis, sclerosis, leaflet morphology and automatic flow quantification helps detect the presence of disease and grade the severity.4

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