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Structural Heart

High quality cardiac imaging is key for maximizing structural heart procedural outcomes.

  • • Echocardiography is used to assess the anatomy, quantify the heart function and guide the procedure.
  • • CT is used to plan the procedure, size the device and visualize the anatomy.
  • • Interventional X-Ray is used to visualize the anatomy, the catheters and the devices.
Augment imaging. Enhance experience. Improve outcomes.

Allia* brings augmented 2D and 3D image guidance with ASSIST** and helps improve patient outcomes

• -33% volume of contrast media20 and -33% X-ray dose21 in TAVI procedures
• -78% Volume of contrast media, -28% procedure time and -25% fluoroscopy time in LAAC procedures22

*Product may not be available in all countries. Refer to your sales representatives for more information. Allia refers to Allia IGS 7
**ASSIST solutions are composed of multiple medical devices. For more information, please refer to GEHC’s web site.

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Guide structural heart procedures with multimodality fusion

INTERACT Structural Heart* helps you guide the procedure by fusing the anatomical landmarks from CT on 4DTEE and on live X-Ray. You can localize precisely the transseptal puncture and confirm device positioning on augmented 4DTEE and augmented fluoroscopy.

* INTERACT Structural Heart solution includes Valve ASSIST 2 and Vivid™ CT-Fusion

INTERACT Structural Heart Video

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Streamlined workflow and collaborative documenting

Mac-LabTM hemodynamic recording system adds flexibility within existing workflows, seamless interoperability, and increased security, with optimal outcomes. Mac-Lab AltiX provides enhancement and refines key clinical functionality important during Cardiology procedures focused on CAD. Mac-Lab provides a place for recording patient vitals and documentation at the point of care reducing potential errors and saving you time. Once documented, it provides an export to the EMR so all patient data can be stored in the same location.

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