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Structural Heart

Transesophageal ultrasound has become an indispensable tool to guide and monitor structural heart interventions. 2D and 3D echocardiography can help guide transseptal puncture, device placement and ensure proper deployment of implantable devices. Fusion imaging, combining ultrasound with other modalities has also shown value in complex cases. 2D and 3D intracardiac echo can provide additional value where TEE is not able to visualize the target anatomy.

Photo-realistic light-source based illumination of heart structures.

FlexiLight gives comprehensive visualization of leaflets, trabeculae, regurgitant orifices, clefts, aneurisms and thrombi. It works seamlessly with other visualization techniques such as HD Color, 2ClickCrop and 4D markers.

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Improve communication in the cath lab

4D Markers provide annotations that are viewable from all angles on 4D ultrasound volume data sets and their 2D views, facilitating communication in the echo lab, cath lab and OR. With a distance gauge and two viewing layouts, FlexiSlice obtains 2D or render views while enhanced insights as well as save time.

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Cost effective solution for live co-registered navigation in 4D ultrasound and CT data

CT Fusion improves awareness of calcified structures by fusing CT with 4D ultrasound. Extend field-of-view beyond 4D ultrasound for better understanding of heart anatomy. Increase your confidence during procedures with the CT based pre-procedure plan

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